Taurus Essential Oil, Zodiac Essential Oil Blend

Taurus Essential Oil, Zodiac Essential Oil Blend

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Ancient Bath and Body presents our Astrological Essential Oils "Scents of the Zodiac". Taurus is a hand crafted essential oil blend for those born under the sign of Taurus April 19th - May 20th.

TAURUS TRAITS: The Bull, Earth sign, Rules Venus, Feminine an is a fixed sign.

❤Ylang Ylang- Used in love formulas, calms anger and all negative emotional states.
❤Geranium- Attracts Happiness and Prosperity.
❤Patchouli- Represents Earth, used for prosperity, money, protection and helps promote lust.
❤Cinnamon- Increase spiritual mood, aids in healing spells or healing in general
❤Clove- Attracts good luck and prosperity
❤Lemon- Can be used to celebrate the lunar deities. Lemons resonate with energy of the moon. Lemons are purifying and cleansing.
❤Coconut Oil- Protection, Purification, associated with water, feminine and considered feminine.

❤Herbs: Organic Peppermint & Rose Buds

PURPOSE: Astrological oils can be used to enhance your sign for rituals and meditation. This oil can be used as a perfume or to anoint yourself or sacred tools.

This listing is for a 0.35 oz Bottle with a roller ball. It is easy to use and great for travel.

Every ingredient picked was carefully thought out for Taurus and boosting the Taurus energies and intended purpose the Taurus chooses.