Euphoria Foaming Sugar Scrub

  • $6.95

This is a great foaming Euphoria scented Whipped Sugar Scrub, which is a blend of some Green Notes, Lotus Blossom, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Black Orchid, Liquid Amber, Mahogany Woods, Black Violet and a Cream Accord.. This scrub has super skin moisturizing ingredients such as Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Golden Jojoba Oil. Lets not forget one of the most important ingredients Organic Fair Trade Sugar. This Sugar Scrub helps locks in moisture and exfoliates your skin. Sugar is a gentle exfoliate that helps remove dead skin cells at the same time softening your skin. Sugar contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy-acid (naturally) and these help maintain your skins natural oils to stay balanced. Sugar scrubs cleanse your skin and prevent toxins from attacking your skin cells. Who would have thought sugar is good for your skin?

There are 2 types of sugar scrubs;
1. Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrubs. The only difference is there is a soap in this, hence the "foaming". This is very similar to regular sugar scrub except there isn't as much oil. This has a higher temperature tolerance and won't melt as easy. It will stay nice and fluffy while in it's container. Just make sure not to leave in direct sunlight.

2. Regular Sugar Scrub or Whipped Sugar Scrub which is a base of Sugar and Various Oils. This can melt in temperatures warmer than 76 degrees Fahrenheit due to their natural ingredients. "Whipped" literally means just that "whipped" with either a hand mixer, stand mixer or stick blender. This makes it nice and fluffy. When it melts in the temps mentioned above it will change form so the oil and sugar separate. There is an easy fix to this. Just pop it in the fridge for about 20 min and quickly stir with a mini whisk or fork.