Coffee Anti-Aging Eye Serum

  • $15.95

Where do I start??? There are so many benefits to coffee and the caffeine in coffee. I will mention the benefits it has directly on skin, which is the sole purpose of this Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Coffee Eye Serum.

Listing is for 1 oz or 2 oz Coffee Eye Serum with black pump top and cap in a frosted glass bottle. The 2 oz bottle has a fine mist sprayer.

❤Treatment of under eye dark circles: Under eye circles are caused by various factors such as: tiredness, dehydration, allergies and genetics.
❤Reduces cellulite: YAY!!! Caffeine dehydrates fatty cells, therefore making skin smooth. The result is removing water from the surface of the skin. This minimizes the appearance of cellulite. "Research at the University of Sao Paulo has proven that the application of skin cream containing caffeine reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by 17%. ".. Ummm yes please, sign me up!!!
❤Tightens Skin: Topical use can tighten fine lines and smooth puffy skin. Using creams that contain caffeine are absorbed by your skin and the result is tighter looking skin.
❤Repairs UV Damage: Caffeine is considered a powerful antioxidant and stronger than the polyphenols found in green tea. It is the strongest antioxidant in fighting UV damage.
❤Treatment of Rosaceae: Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means is constricts blood vessels to reduce redness. When applied topically, caffeine works as a diuretic and aids in circulation.

Ancient Bath and Body does not claim our products cure or treats diseases or illnesses. The ingredients we use in our products have been researched to provide proof of the benefits. We are mixing them together to pack a bigger punch for great healthy skin benefits. The feedback we get from customers are the benefits we have listed. Enjoy!

As always, we never use harmful chemicals or ingredients in any of our products.