Anti-Wrinkle Facial Butter

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Butter

  • $12.95

I cannot stress enough how wonderful this Anti-Wrinkle Cream is. I have come up with the perfect formulation to help keep those pesky wrinkles at bay for as long as possible and at the same time moisturize your skin while keeping your skin clear.

This can be used on your body or face including under your eyes and even under your makeup.

❤Helps minimize wrinkles due to age or environmental factors (sun, dry weather, etc)
❤Packed with beneficial ingredients for all day moisture
❤Helps fight off acne
❤Minimizes the appearance of scars
❤Minimizes Eczema and Psoriasis break outs.
❤Gentle enough for your eye lids and under eye area
❤Antioxidant fighting capabilities
❤Absorbs within minutes so it doesn't leave your skin looking greasy or oily... (If it does then you are applying too much)
❤Soothes Dry Skin
❤Relieves rashes

Directions for effective use: Apply twice a day after your cleaning regimen. If you don't use this consistently every single day as described then you won't see benefits. Using this once or twice will not be effective enough. This is a natural product and products like this take some time to work. Please stick with it. I highly recommend using this with our Clarifying Facial Toner to maximize benefits...

This product will melt in temperatures hotter than 76 degrees F due to the natural oils, it is also possible it will melt during transit due to being in a hot warehouse, or postal truck in hotter areas of the country. Natural products are fantastic but are unfortunately temperamental. The positive thing is our whipped body butters will solidify again in normal room temperature. The quality of the product does NOT change if it melts and solidifies again. In the event it melts and you want it to solidify faster pop it in your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.

Ancient Bath and Body does not claim our products cure or treats diseases or illnesses. The ingredients we use in our products have been researched to provide proof of the benefits. We are mixing them together to pack a bigger punch for great healthy skin benefits. The feedback we get from customers are the benefits we have listed. Enjoy!

As always, we never use harmful chemicals or ingredients in any of our products.