Stink Begone Toilet and Bathroom Spray

  • $8.95

Exorcise those Demons with Ancient Bath and Body's Stink Begone Toilet Spray!

Ancient Bath and Body would like to introduce our new line of Toilet Sprays, comparable to the company that makes Poo Pourri. This is our Citrus Woods scented Toilet Spray which has a nice citrus blend with woodsy and mint undertones. This is comparable to Poo Pourri's "Juniper Woods".

Directions: Spray 4-6 times directly in toilet before you do the deed. This can also be used as a natural room deodorizer or for covering harsh smells. Walk out of the bathroom and know those demons will not follow or linger behind.

The 2 oz size is good for: 100 uses

The 4 oz size is good for: 200 uses

As always, made only with natural ingredients!

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